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I will teach you how SEO works along with advanced techniques to rank better on Google and get more organic traffic to your website.


Want to know how to turn those visitors into actual paying customers using persuasive psychology? Let me teach you Conversion Rate Optimization!

Social Media Marketing

Learn how to find your potential audience online by using social media promotional strategies and highly targeted advertisements.

Google AdWords

Learn how to spend your advertising budget the right way to get more highly targeted audience from Google search with a great ROI.

That’s not all. Interested in learning about niche blogging, content marketing or making your own website?
I could help with that.

But, Why Me?

Digital Marketing Coach Amal RafeeqHi,
I’m a digital marketing consultant and it’s what I do for a living. But what I love to do the most is teaching people the things that I know.

But it’s reasonable for you to ask the question “Why this guy”. I get it. There are a lot of people out there doing the same. And yes, I’m one of them. It’s not like I’m trying to teach something different. What I can do is – teach you digital marketing, the things you need to learn and through the right way.

Rather than just walking you through an eBook or a set of modules I’ve pre-written, I could show you real examples and give you hands-on training to learn digital marketing strategies. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner or a student, I could teach you step by step tactics to become a skilled digital marketer.

If you wanna learn SEO, CRO, blogging or digital advertising, I’m your go-to-guy.


Google Analytics Certification
HubSpot's Inbound Certification
Google Digital Garage Certification

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